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Melanie [userpic]

this is my game face : a mix

February 2nd, 2011 (11:23 am)
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Title: this is my game face
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo (through Eduardo's eyes)

So, this is the first fandom related thing I've ever done (aside from an ill-conceived drabble fic in The OC fandom about 6 years ago). I can't write, I can't draw, I can't edit videos, and (as evidenced by my art for this mix) I can't make graphics, but I sure do love music.

This mix has had as many as 15 songs on it and as few as 7, but I've settled on 10. I've referred to this as the SadWardo mix on twitter. I started out not wanting to pic a perspective but I think it was fairly obvious to me pretty quickly that this was an Eduardo mix.

In my mind it's vaguely set post-lawsuit with Eduardo looking back over his relationship with Mark (in my mind it was a more than friends relationship).

Now I'm rambling, and I apologize that Eduardo has come off on the pretty pathetic side, but I chalk it up to him having to sit through these lawsuits and getting his heart broken all over again. In my mind, after this mix, Eduardo pulls his shit together and focuses on the future, whatever (and with whomever) that may be.



mutemath / you are mine
everyone has their obsessions / consuming thought /
consuming time / they hold high their prized possessions /
that define the meaning of their life / you are mine

safetysuit / stay
hoping for a moment that i turn around/ and
you'll be coming after me / 'cause all
that I can say is that it's obvious / it's obvious /
you're all i see

lifehouse / it is what it is
we both found out it's not how we thought /
that it would be, how it would be /
if time could turn us around / what
once was lost may be found / for you and me

safetysuit / anywhere but here
is this just the end of a moment / or just a beautiful
unfolding / of a love that will never be for you and me

and when i'm not with you / i know
that it's true / that i'd rather be anywhere
but here without you

headway / remind me to miss you
i've been thinking of things that i said /
and i see the reason that you may have
left / and i hear song that remind me of you
/ and i miss you / and i'm sure there
are moments when you stop to think
about me

the bravery / the ocean
all of these moments are lost in time /
but you're caught in my head
like a thorn on a vine / to forever torment me
and i wonder why / do i wish i'd never know you
at all

john mayer / in your atmosphere
i'm gonna steer clear /
'cause i'd die if i saw you / i'd die if i didn't see you there
/ wherever you go / where ever you are /
i watch your life play out in pictures from afar

the frayvienna
maybe in five for ten / yours and mine
will meet again / straighten this whole thing out /
maybe then honesty need not be feared as a
friend or enemy / this is the distance /
and this is my game face

mumford & sons / after the storm
and there will come a time you'll see /
with no more tears / and love will not
break your heart / but dismiss your fears

seabird falling for you
i hope this song brings you back to life /
'cause i can see that fear in those eyes
/ i promise you if we just try / we'll take this wrong
and make it right

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Posted by: Melanie (ohmygod13)
Posted at: February 2nd, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)

lol I wanted to, but I couldn't figure out which one. I have songs that were originally on this mix that I took off so I'm thinking about doing another one with a different tone. Will definitly include at least one song from all off Kradison. (i actually did have one of Adam's here originally but I took it off)

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